How Drinking Lemon Water Daily Keeps Me Feeling Ageless!


Lemon Water Every Morning

One thing I do for myself every single day to keep myself feeling Ageless is drink lemon water.  When I wake up it is one of the first things that I do.  I love the citrusy flavor, it helps wake me up.  Lemon can naturally boost your energy levels without the nasty side effect of crashing caffeine has. And because of all the amazing health benefits, it has it not only does my body good but does my heart good knowing I am feeding my body something that will help it throughout my day!

Benefits Of Lemon

Besides the wonderful smell and taste of lemons, also aid in digestion.  They are a wonderful way to gently detox your body every single day.  Having the gentle cleanse will rejuvenate your skin and help heal your body which will, in turn, help you feel healthier and Ageless!

Another bonus I have learned is regularly sipping on lemon water can help you lose weight.  Lemons contain pectin, which is a type of fiber commonly found in fruit and helps you feel fuller longer.  Feeling fuller longer results in less snacking!

Finally, the benefit that I have found helping me the most is the fact that it is packed with Vitamin C and since I have started my lovely tradition of lemon water daily I have not gotten sick!  Even when my whole family came down with the flu I did not get it!

Drinking Lemon Water Without Damaging Teeth

I know one concern some people have had about drinking lemon water is the damage it can do to your teeth.  My suggestions for that concern are first, use fresh lemon and not the concentrated or commercial lemon juices they are much less likely to hurt your teeth.   Drink it with a straw to minimize contact with your teeth.  Drink it quickly to reduce the amount of time it is in contact with your teeth.  And of course, you can always rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking your lemon water!

What Do You Think?

What benefits have you found from drinking lemon?  Or, what other habits do you have in the morning that help you get your day started!  I have a few more I will be talking about later, but I would love to hear what you do!  Comment below, or even better if you haven’t already joined us in our Facebook Group The Ageless Generation with Olga come join us now and share your tips!



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