How To Be Unapologetically You

How Do I Become Unapologetically and Authentically “Me?”

Through 2017 I have been mentoring Generation X women born between 1984-1964, and I have collected the questions that they have asked the most.

The questions I have heard again and again are “If I have done my best as a mom, as a wife, entrepreneur, sister or daughter,… why is my life such a mess?” and “Why am I feeling completely lost?”

Society, our communities, and sometimes even our friends and relatives keep telling us who we’re supposed to be. How we are supposed to act and even what we are supposed to look like. They constantly remind us of the urgent need to hustle, to be more successful, and better than everyone else.  And if we cannot, we are failures.

Those messages make us, the Gen-Xers, feel drained and inadequate, tired and stressed out most, if not ALL of the time!  Even though deep inside we know we are strong, hardworking women!

We feel that somehow it is always our fault and that we still aren’t good enough, no matter how hard to we try to please everyone in our immediate and extended families, at our workplace and even in the church where we volunteer.  It never seems to be enough, and we always end up feeling like we need to apologize.

What I Did About It

At the end of 2017, I decided to pick a theme that would resonate with all of our most significant concerns and worries. I wanted to create a theme for new 2018 year, where we could focus on the things which are essential to us and get us closer to creating our own happiness!

So, the new 2018 theme is definitely “How To Be Unapologetically Me” In other words: “How can I find chutzpah (courage) to be Me without feeling selfish or ashamed?”

My Challange To You

I want to challenge all Generation X women, the representatives of the most stressed out generation, to declare this new year as The Year of Me!

My question for you is this: Can you try, for just one year to put yourself first without feeling guilty?  It might be hard, and in many ways, it will take great courage.  But courage is like a muscle; it is only strengthened by use, and we can get stronger together!  So what do you say?  Will you be courageous with me, and be Unapologetically You?

How Can I be Unapologetically Me?

These 5 steps will explain and help you through your journey in 2018.  They will help teach you exactly how to choose you and put yourself first, and are the first steps to learn how to be unapologetically you!!

  1.  Focus on giving yourself a lot of self-compassion first!
  2. You to accept yourselves fully and stop apologizing or explaining yourselves to everybody for everything!   As Elbert Hubbard said: “Never explain! Your friends do not need it, and your enemies will not believe you anyway.” So you need to stop!
  3.  Be present. Be mindful! Where do you spend your precious energy? Instead of dwelling in the self-doubts and self-condemnation learn to embrace the Now, and enjoy every moment as it is happening.  Remind yourself that your troubles and obstacles are similar to other women, you are not alone, and everybody suffers in one form or another.
  4. Meditate with a purpose of looking inside. Start studying yourselves and become extremely self-aware.  You need to stop bringing yourself down to “fit in” because of this urgent desire to please others.  Now is the time to start understanding your hearts desires and build yourself up to reach them!
  5. Become your own best friend.  You know the kind of best friend who you enjoy being with, who you trust? You need to be that kind of friend for yourself. How? Start some massive self-growth by reading great books and surrounding yourself with the right high-quality high-value people and recognized the negative and lazy ones and distance them from your life.

What This Will Do For You

You can and will become unapologetically courageous and claim YOU! You can Embrace your truth.

Being Me – means to fill up your cup first. Being unapologetic, as you work on defining what that looks like to you, and how you can embrace Being Unapologetically You!

How I Can Help You

In 2018 I am taking it even further.  This year I will mentor Gen X women on how to be more intentional and show them how to design the Best 2nd Part of their life, so they can focus on helping others and build their unique legacy.  If you are interested in learning more about my services as a Life Mentor, please click here.

And as always, if you are not a part of my Facebook Group The Ageless Generation With Olga, please join us for the love and support you deserve along this journey of self-discovery!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, sit back, relax and choose “You”

It’s going to be a great year!

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