About Me


My name is Olga Szakal! As a life and business mentor, I’m excited to have you here! This website is for women who care about Health, Wealth, Legacy, and having Extraordinary life WITHOUT a NUMBER attached to them! Or, for those who want to learn to have all of those things!

Let’s learn together HOW TO:

  1.  Snap out of mid-life crisis or at least to be prepared for it
  2. Transition from merely surviving to thriving
  3. Overcome the fears that have been holding us back
  4. Release the stress that keeps us from really enjoying life
  5. Start making the money we have always wanted to make
  6. Get where we need to be so that we can enjoy the best time of our lives

Because that time is now! And I am so excited that you are joining me on this life-changing journey of self-discovery!  We all have things in our lives that we love and others that we hate.  I am sure most of us can agree that we are not quite where we want to be.  We all have plans, hopefully, BIG plans for our lives!  I am here to teach you the tools to get you to the place you want to be and to be the person you have always wanted to become!  If you are unsure of who you want to be or what your dreams are, that’s okay!  Together we can learn and grow!

Please help me to get to know you and join my Facebook Group The Ageless Generation with Olga! Introduce yourself, tell us where you are in your life, what you love about your life and what your hopes and dreams are! Together, united as women with a purpose we can support and love each other and finally have the lives we want! I can’t wait to meet you!