10 Ways To Crush Midlife Crisis

10 Ways to Crush Your Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis. Hearing those words causes most “sane” individuals to run for the hills but, let’s be honest, most of us are just a little insane. Those of us who admit to being a bit insane have flashbacks to a comedy movie where a 50-year old man splurges on a new motorcycle when they get their Christmas bonus. I like to think of a midlife crisis as a positive situation, one that makes us realize just how wonderful our life has been as we reflect. Don’t worry, when you go through a midlife crisis, just follow these 10 steps to Read More

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How To Be Unapologetically You

How Do I Become Unapologetically and Authentically “Me?” Through 2017 I have been mentoring Generation X women born between 1984-1964, and I have collected the questions that they have asked the most. The questions I have heard again and again are “If I have done my best as a mom, as a wife, entrepreneur, sister or daughter,… why is my life such a mess?” and “Why am I feeling completely lost?” Society, our communities, and sometimes even our friends and relatives keep telling us who we’re supposed to be. How we are supposed to act and even what we are Read More

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How Drinking Lemon Water Daily Keeps Me Feeling Ageless!

  Lemon Water Every Morning One thing I do for myself every single day to keep myself feeling Ageless is drink lemon water.  When I wake up it is one of the first things that I do.  I love the citrusy flavor, it helps wake me up.  Lemon can naturally boost your energy levels without the nasty side effect of crashing caffeine has. And because of all the amazing health benefits, it has it not only does my body good but does my heart good knowing I am feeding my body something that will help it throughout my day! Benefits Read More